Our Services:


Residential Window Cleaning:  Bungalows.


Exterior window cleaning starting at $150 plus HST



Residential Window Cleaning:  2-Story Houses.


Exterior window cleaning starting at $200 plus HST



Storefront Window Cleaning


Scheduled storefront window cleaning maintenance starts at $15 plus HST for the exterior of a small single unit.

Choose from Bi-Weekly or Monthly window cleaning.


Pressure washing Whitby

Commercial and Industrial Window Cleaning and Pressure Washing


We are happy to provide a customized, free quote, for whole plazas, commercial and industrial buildings.

Exterior maintenance including sidewalk salt removal, window cleaning, eaves and downspout clearing,

and pressure washing of eaves, siding and soffits.


Solar Panel Cleaning


Manufacturers recommend having your solar panels cleaned twice per year to maintain peak efficiency.

Cleaning costs starts at $150 plus HST for single story installations,

and $250 plus HST for 2 story installations.


Gutter Clean Out


Gutter cleaning starts at $150 plus HST for bungalows, and $250 plus HST for 2-Story houses.

We do not offer this service for 3-Story houses.

Whitby pressure washing

“House Wash” – Pressure Washing and Window Cleaning


The best bang for your buck that we have to offer!

Your entire house washed from the peaks and eaves down.  Exterior window cleaning included!

Bungalows start at $300 + HST, 2-Story Houses start at $400 + HST and 3-Stories at $600 + HST.

 Multi-Service Discount!

Save $ when you add additional services!

Call for details.

Prices stated above are for 2020 only, and are subject to change.