Tiger Striping on Gutters: Ajax Pressure Washing

how to remove black marks from eaves

Yet another post about my obsession (apparently), nice clean eaves/gutters!

This was an issue that I just faced.  I recently did pressure washing and window cleaning on a bungalow in South Ajax.  When I first inspected the home in Ajax for a quote on pressure washing and window cleaning, I saw black streaks on the outside of the eaves.

This is called “Tiger Striping.”  And it does not wash off.  Regardless of how much PSI or GPMs your pressure washer has, you will not remove these black stains.

And, you could scrub and scrub as much as you like, and they will not go anywhere.

You may want to zoom in on the picture above to get a good look at the black lines that are on the outside of the eaves.  This is an extremely common issue.

Let’s start at the beginning:

“What is Tiger Striping?”

gutter zap tiger stripes

What we call Tiger Striping is a black staining on the exterior of eaves or gutters.  Many home owners in Ajax, hire pressure washing companies or window cleaners to wash their eaves and expect the black stains to simply wash away.  But, when the black lines remain, it is disappointing.

getting black streaks off of gutters

Put simply, the reason that Tiger Stripes can’t be simply washed off is because of Oxidization.  This forms a layer on top of the ‘good’ paint that attracts dirt, pollution, tar from the roof and other contaminants.  Because of the oxidization, the contaminants become part of this layer.

ajax window cleaning

Some refer to this process as “electro-static bonding”.  Call it whatever you want, if the oxidization is not removed, the staining can’t be removed, period.  After our standard pressure wash and window clean, if black stains remain on the gutters, we apply a product called “Gutter Zap”

how to use gutter zap

Once Gutter Zap has had some time to work into the Oxidization, we give it a good scrub and a rinse.  No more Tiger Stripes!  Once dry, the eaves or gutters look like they are brand new!

Rule #1:  Use the right tools for the right job.

Rule #2:  Chemicals are your friend.

Rule #3:  Use the right chemicals for the right job.

Don’t be fooled.  As much as we would love to just clean everything with water, there are times when we have to choose a chemical (be it bleach, dish soap, oven cleaner, etc.) in order to get the job done right.  Tiger Striping and Fallout on siding are two examples of using the right chemicals to get the job done.

This bungalow in Ajax now has brand new eaves.  His windows are nice and clean too.

Another happy client!