Storefront Pressure Washing in Port Perry

Port perry pressure washing

This year we started offering Storefront Pressure Washing to our regular window cleaning clients.  One of the stores we cleaned this week was Herrington’s in Port Perry.  This butcher shop takes great pride in their high quality cuts of meat, as well as maintaining cleanliness.  Unfortunately, their storefront was covered in bird poop, cobwebs, dirt and spiders nests.

They are not alone.  At this time of year, the bugs and spiders are settling in, and the winter salt and dirt has accumulated.

Pressure washing in Port Perry

The first step is removal of dust, spider webs and nests.  Typically, stores with a recessed entrance and lighting, will have a lot of insects making themselves at home.  Before pressure washing, we use specially designed brushes to remove all of that.

Bird poop removal in port perry

The problem with cobwebs and nests, is that if you were to try to remove them with water pressure alone, you would likely damage the paint.  Bird poop is the same.  It can’t just be blasted off.  Using paint-safe chemicals and a light brushing, the bird poop washes right off.

pressure washer in port perry

3D or Raised lettering signs are also problematic.  Unlike other storefront surfaces, they are difficult to clean and rain doesn’t help.  Dirt tends to accumulate under the lettering.  However, with the right chemicals, and a nice soft brushing, the storefront signs look brand new again!

Pressure washing in port perry

This storefront pressure washing project was in Historic Port Perry.  We provide window cleaning in Port Perry for a lot of the local business, and we are so happy to be able to offer Pressure Washing as well.

Port Perry takes great pride in the appearance of their homes and shops, and we are proud to be helping!