Pressure Washing in Whitby: White Vinyl Siding Cleaning

Vinyl Siding Whitby Pressure Washing

Today I had the pleasure of cleaning a vinyl siding house/business in Whitby.  The house is a century home, and is the location of Lakeridge Oral Surgery in Whitby.

The photo above is a before (left), and after (right) picture of the main entrance.

At first, this seemed like a fairly straight forward house wash.  Yes, there was green mold on the East side of the house all over the vinyl siding.  No problem.  Black mold and lichen (as usual) in various places on the eaves and vinyl.  Again, no problem.

The main issue began with the front entrance.  Have a look at the pictures below:

Whitby Pressure Washing

All the other three sides of this vinyl siding house cleaned up easily.  The reason is that those sides of the house are exposed to the rain and elements.  For the most part, the only materials that accumulate on the vinyl siding and eaves are organic: Mold, algae, etc…  And this comes off easily with our initial chemical wash and rinse.

However, the South side is different…

Whitby pressure washing

Because the front entrance of the vinyl siding is covered by roofing over the walkway, the siding simply accumulated dirt.

While it may appear as simple as rinsing the dirt off, that is not the case.  Yes, we washed the dirt off off the vinyl, however, that initial clean did not restore the siding to it’s original white state.

Whitby pressure washing

When vinyl siding is left uncleaned for a very long time, the surface dirt will wash away, but the “white vinyl siding” will look brown and stained.

This is similar to glass that has hard water stains.  No matter how much you scrub and wash, the hard water stains remain.

It is the same with covered vinyl siding.  Instead of organic materials accumulating, we have mineral accumulation.

Underneath that surface dirt was brown staining.

Do you have brown vinyl that was white at one time?

Let’s take a look at the next picture:

How to clean vinyl siding pressure washing in whitby

Removing mineral damage from vinyl siding requires a second chemical wash and rinse.

Here is simple algorithm:

If you have green/black stuff on your siding and eaves, you need:

ALKALINE!  Sodium Hypochlorite based solution.

If you have cleaned off the green/black stuff, and still have brown or red staining.  Sorry, but you need:

ACID!  This solution I am keeping a secret.  Sorry!  But as you can see from the pictures of the vinyl siding in Whitby, it is cleaned and looks like new.


If you have ever tried to clean your vinyl siding, and it still looks brown or off white.  You might try bleach, soap, degreaser or any number of cleaners, and you can scrub your heart out.  Unfortunately, it still looks bad.

The right chemicals in the right mix, in the right hands, with the right tools, will make your vinyl siding house look brand new.


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