House Wash in Uxbridge: Pressure Washing Mold and Mildew Removal

Okay everyone, I promise to start posting window cleaning pictures soon!  I am Dan The Window Man after all!!!  However, I just had to share with you my latest pressure washing job in Uxbridge, because it was so dramatic.

Previously, I had shared an eaves restoration project in Ajax.  While the eaves were very dirty, this house in Uxbridge had a whole other layer of complexity.  Not only was there the usual dirt and mildew, but (I think…) also mold and lichen.  To be honest, I was not sure what was underneath all that stuff, and, I was unsure what the results would be:

Moss and Mold on Eaves

Let’s start with the eaves.  Definitely the star of this show.  I first tested with a Zero° tip to see if the organic materials that have nested on the eaves could be moved with pressure alone.  To my delight, about 75% of the mold was blown clean off.  I had high hopes! 

Restored Eaves Pressure Washing in Uxbridge

Next step was to treat the eaves with our chemical solution, let it sit, and then blast away with the pressure washer.  Since the eaves are at about 1 1/2 stories, I used the 0° tip once more to get the most pressure at that height.  The eaves came perfectly clean!

House Washing in Uxbridge

Now we arrive at the siding.  As you can see the vinyl is also covered in mildew and mold.  While not as extreme as the eaves, it was more pervasive and a general problem all over the exterior of the house.

Uxbridge Pressure Washing

A 0° tip would be far too aggresive for washing first floor siding, and could leave “snake marks.”  So I used our same chemical solution and then pressure washed with a 15° tip.  The 15° tip provides a fan that pressure washes with enough pressure over a half of each vinyl siding piece, so 2 passes per piece.

House Wash Uxbridge

And here is the final result.  I was really happy how this Century Home in Uxbridge turned out!  I was a little nervous at first, but my new pressure washer performed like a CHAMP.  I was prepared with my 18′ pole and brush to scrub the stubborn areas, but I didn’t have to at all.  Between the pressure washer and our chemical wash, all stains and organics were removed without any additional elbow grease.  Our client was extremely happy, and felt like her home was “new again!”

Here is a question:  The home owner had been living in this home for over 15 years and did not have the home pressure washed.  And not for lack of desire!  She HATED the way that the outside looked, and wanted to have it cleaned badly.  So why the delay?  I am not 100% sure, but I am learning that when it comes to work on your personal home, many people are only comfortable with tradespeople that they already know, or are referred from a family member or close friend.

Google is not king in this market.

Dan The Window Man looks after the window cleaning at her commercial place of business in Uxbridge.  Her husband decided to look me up on the internet and saw that I also do pressure washing.  He called me and asked for a quote for their home.

I gave a reasonable price, and we cleaned it all up!

I am not sure what the moral of this story is, but I was really pleased with the results of this contract, and I am so happy that the client loved the result.