Featured Client: Jolie Cafe in Ajax Window Cleaning

Jolie Cafe in South Ajax

Today’s featured window cleaning client is situated in South Ajax, and is the ONLY boutique cafe in South Ajax that I know of.  Jolie Cafe is a welcome addition to our neighbourhood, because the owners show such pride in the appearance of their shop that they improve the view and set a higher standard for the surrounding businesses.

Having such nice clean windows sure helps!  We make sure that Jolie Cafe looks great from the inside and the outside every week.

Inside view of Jolie Cafe

Previously, this spot in Downtown Ajax was “Debbie’s Cafe.”  In April/May of 2018 Michelle and Sandra loved it so much that they had to make it their own.  With a vision and passion for baking, they purchased the business and transformed it into Jolie Cafe.  You can see the care and attention to detail, from the brand new flooring, open kitchen and improved menu.

Jolie Menu Ajax

Today for breakfast I had the Ham, Egg and Cheese on a bagel with herb mayo.  Man was it good.  However, while waiting for my hand made, fresh to order, sandwich and tea, a gentleman ahead of me did not have to place his order at all.  Sandra asked him one question:  “Cranberry or Cheddar Chive?”  I had no idea what she was referring to, but he wasted no time replying:  “Cheddar Chive of course.”

Jolie Cafe in Ajax Dining Area

You see, every morning Sandra bakes from scratch a fresh batch of scones!  They are not even on the menu.  I think it is because they do not last long enough, the South Ajax locals eat them up fast.  The cheddar-chive are a staple and a local favorite, but she likes to get creative and usually has another fruit scone batch as well.

Don’t mess with perfection.  I am going for a cheddar-chive scone tomorrow!

Jolie Cafe has certified organic teas and coffees.  I love their tea, and my wife Stephanie thinks that their coffee is the best she has ever had.  Michelle’s daughter loves concocting new iced teas with hibiscus, which Stephanie is a huge fan of.

Jolie Cafe is a great spot to relax, have a sandwich or a panini and catch up with friends.  Maybe grab a board game from the back and play for a while?

Truly a rare gem in South Ajax.  They open at 7:30am so you can grab a proper breakfast before heading to work.  And, they are very busy at lunch time, so get there early, or call ahead to place your order!

Michelle and Sandra also love to bring their cafe to you and your event.  Catering is a great way to share their craft with your guests.

Kawartha Ice Cream in Ajax

I would be remiss if I were to leave out my daughter’s favorite reason for going to Jolie Cafe.  The handmade cupcakes and more importantly……  THE ICE CREAM.

My girl used to go nuts for the ice cream truck that trundles through our little neighbourhood.  Now, all she wants is ice cream from Jolie’s.  See the picture above?  Apparently that is “one scoop.”  They have Kawartha Dairy Ice Cream, which is just simply the best Ice Cream that exists.  She especially likes to eat the Death by Chocolate that my wife orders for herself, and ends up sharing (giving away) with this little one.

Visit Jolie Cafe in person on Harwood just South of the 401, or online at Jolie Cafe