Featured Client: Chuck’s Roadhouse Ajax Window Cleaning

Window cleaning at chucks roadhouse in ajax

Have you ever taken your family out for dinner at a restaurant and been shocked when the bill arrives?  I think we all have.

However, that does not happen at Chuck’s Roadhouse.  This has been our go-to restaurant in Whitby for the last couple of years.  Not only are the drink deals amazing, the meal prices are fantastic and taste great with large portions sizes!  The portions are so big, that we don’t need to order a meal for our 4 year old daughter, we simply share our dinner with her.  But, she LOVES their Shirley Temples, so we pay for that.  Great deal!

It’s going to get even better!  Chuck’s Roadhouse is opening in AJAX!!!

Chuck's Roadhouse Ajax window cleaning

Try as you might, you won’t find better prices anywhere.  For example, Chuck’s offers a char-broiled burger with fries for just $6.  And it’s really, really, good.  You can’t even get that at a chip truck.  While I have only mentioned how fair the prices are, they take a lot of pride in the quality of their product.

Chuck's Roadhouse with nice clean windows

For example, look at how clean these windows at the Ajax location are!  Chuck’s is getting ready for the Grand Opening, and they care about cleanliness and appearance as much as quality and value.

But Ajax needs a patio, here you go!

Patio in Ajax at Chuck's Roadhouse

My personal favorite is the 10 oz. top sirloin AAA beef aged for 28 days, served with corn on the cob and fries for only…. wait for it….. $14.99!!!

And, aside from the Keg, Chuck’s is the only other restaurant that understands my steak order.  I like “Chicago Style” Medium.  That means char on the outside and medium on the inside.

Chuck’s delivers the same amazing product at a quarter of the price at least.

And it is delicious.

Where else can you get a steak and lobster tail dinner for $20????

The food is excellent and so are the prices.

Stop clipping coupons.  Just go to Chuck’s.

Patio Cleaning at Chuck's Roadhouse in Ajax

This week Chuck’s has a roast beef feature.  They offered a meal or a sandwich.  My wife ordered the roast beef meal, and she loved it!

The beef was perfectly cooked with just a little pink, lots of gravy and nice creamy mashed potatoes.

I hope this gets added to the menu permanently!

Ok, let’s list the great deals at Chuck’s Ajax:

1) $4 Pints

2) $5 Stiens 30 oz.  It’s like Octoberfest every Tuesday

3) $9 Pitchers Thursdays

4) $4 Martinis, 2 oz, all day every day.  Wow.

Great taste and value is coming to Ajax!  We can’t wait for your Grand Opening Chuck’s Roadhouse Ajax.

Drink specials at Ajax Chuck's Roadhouse