Eaves Restoration: Pressure Washing in Ajax

Today I get to share with you the results of a pressure washing contract we had in Ajax.  This is the first job since upgrading my pressure washer (you can find details here).  This project in South Ajax was a bungalow with badly neglected eaves and fascia.

Dirty eaves and gutters

As you can see, there is black dirt, mold and mildew on the exterior of the eaves.  On top of that the siding, fascia, frames, windows and screens are full of bugs, dirt and spider webs.

How are we going to get this house clean?  First we pre-spray with a Sodium Hypochlorite 12% (SH) Solution mixed with an ammonia free Surfactant.  The surfactant allows the SH to stick to the surface.  Much like your dishsoap causes the water to cling to your dishes, when normally it would just run off.

Giving the SH a few minutes to start breaking down any organics such as mold, and lifting any staining away from the eaves.

Once the solution has had enough time, we break out the pressure washer.

Here are the results:

Restored Eaves Ajax Pressure Washing

With a powerful pressure wash, the solution and any dirt or stains are removed from the eaves.  They look like they are brand new!

In fact, our next project is renewal of eaves at a client’s home in Pickering.  Their eaves look so bad that they were considering replacement!  We typically charge $200 for a bungalow/one story home and $400 for a 2 story home.  Why spend thousands replacing eaves and soffits when they can be renewed for a fraction of the price???

You will notice that all bugs and cobwebs have been removed the frames and windows including screens are clean as well.

How does your house look on the outside?  Would you like to have eaves and siding look like new again?


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