Custom Built Pressure Washer 4000 Psi, 4 GPM

With Spring comes pressure washing.  Businesses need salt, gum and debris removed.  Homes need siding and eaves restored.  This year, Spring came late for Ajax.  In April 2018 we had snow, freezing temperatures and even Ice-Storms!

Understandably, many customers delayed their Spring cleaning to May.  However, that means that I need to do twice the amount of work in half the time!!!  So, an upgrade was needed.

I was previously using a 2.3 GPM, 3,000 PSI pressure washer from Princess Auto, you can see the model here.   However, after one Month of use, the pump blew out.  Fortunately Princess Auto is fantastic at supporting their products, and replaced the pump on the spot.  I was able to get right back to work on my job at the time.

But it became clear to me that I needed something more reliable and powerful.  Here are my goals:

I wanted a pressure washer that does not require a holding tank and is powerful enough to reach and properly clean 2nd stories.

After a lot of research, I arrived at the conclusion that I needed a 4,000 PSI 4 GPM pressure washer.  Anything less, and the 2nd story tips would not work, anything more and a holding tank is necessary.

pressure washer ajax
ajax pressure washing

Let’s start with my dream custom pressure washer:

Honda 389cc 13hp Gas Engine:  $1,199.99

Cat 4GPM 4,000 PSI pump 66DX40G1I$1,180.78

Pressure Washer Cart:  $129.00

Let’s ignore fittings and hoses etc, since that is the same expense regardless.

The total cost (before tax) for a 13 HP, 4,000 PSI, 4 GPM pressure washer is $2,509.77.

As you can see I did not purchase my “Dream Pressure Washer” and I saved a lot of money!

Here is my custom built, professional grade pressure washer:

Powerfist (Ducar) Honda Clone 420cc, 14.5hp Gas Engine$399.00

Pressure washer built from scratch in ajax

Bertolini (Made in Italy) water pump $390.00  4,000 PSI, 4 GPM

Pressure washer cart:  $120.00

The total cost (before tax) for a 14.5 HP,  4,000 PSI, 4 GPM pressure washer is $909.00

What a difference.

Bear in mind, the Ducar Engine is a clone of Honda, and Bertolini is simply a fantastic pump that is used every day, 8 hours a day.

The cart colour was a total fluke!  Blue on Blue, wow.

But, we are looking at a difference of $1,600.77!

As a child, I grew up with “IBM Clones”, they were a lot cheaper, and did the same thing.  While I would love to support Honda, I just cannot justify paying SO MUCH more.

Same with CAT, if Bertolini is so much less, I am happy to give them a try.