Whitby Pressure Washing in Whitby Shores

Whitby pressure washing
Whitby siding pressure washer

I had the pleasure of performing a House Wash on this beautiful home in Whitby Shores.  Whitby Shores is a fairly new community with many similar houses that all require pressure washing on a yearly basis.  The neighborhood is situated very close to parks, green space, water and wildlife.  It’s a wonderful combination of nature and homes.  However, this makes the need for exterior maintenance more pronounced.

What exactly is a “House Wash?”  To put it simply, all the exterior of your house (not the roof) gets washed.  We wash all the peaks, eaves, soffits, siding and windows.  We include professional window cleaning in every House Wash because simply rinsing glass with a pressure washer does not leave good results, especially if you have hard water.

Mildew covered gutters

As seen above, a very common issue is mold and mildew forming on the surface of the eaves.  To properly restore the eaves, the surface needs to be “cleaned and sanitized”, pressure washing is the only way to do this job right.

Eaves cleaning in Whitby

Here you can see the results after pressure washing.  Mold and mildew is gone, and the eaves look like new.  The secret is to use the “Soft Wash” method.  Water and high pressure alone will not achieve the same results, and high pressure can cause serious damage.

Whitby pressure washing gutters

Soft Washing relies on the right chemicals to clean and remove any dirt, mildew, mold, spiders, bugs, webs or nests.  Our proprietary blend of Sodium Hypochlorite and Surfactants is not only highly potent and effective, but it is also plant safe and biodegradable.

Softwashing gutters

Soft Washing not only requires chemicals, but also the correct equipment.  Even though we employ the use of a pressure washer, we do not use high pressure.  All of our equipment is specialized to provide high volume and low pressure.  Safer and more effective!

Speaking of safety, for the vast majority of house washes, no ladders are required!  Our equipment can reach as high as 3 stories effectively, all while standing on the ground.  In fact, we can even clean out gutters using our 18′ extension wand and gutter tool to safely remove leaves and debris from gutters up to 2 stories high.  No ladders means less risk and more safety.

While we love pressure washing in Whitby Shores, you don’t have to live in this neighborhood to have a nice clean house!  Dan The Window Man services all of Durham Region, and we would be happy to provide you with a free quote.

Call us today!  Dan 647-891-4656 or Stephanie 647-895-4656

Ajax Pickering Board of Trade Feature

Brief interview with Samantha from the Ajax Pickering Board of Trade.  At Jolie Cafe in Downtown Ajax.

Proud to be the highest rated window cleaning and pressure washing service in Ajax and Durham!

Featured Window Cleaning Client: Easy Financial in Ajax

I am happy to introduce you to this week’s Featured Window Cleaning Client, Easy Financial!  Located on Harwood in South Ajax in the Downtown Plaza, Easy Financial is a great recent addition to our neighbourhood.  The pride and care that Anne and her staff have, show in more than just their nice clean windows.

ajax window cleaner

Easy Financial steps in when your bank says “No.”  Anne is truly interested in a stronger financial future for you!  Get that loan at way less than payday places.

easy financial ajax window cleaning

Just ask for Anne or talk to any of her friendly staff.  This location has won multiple awards over the years.  Perhaps one of those is for the cleanest windows in Ajax???

window cleaners in ajax

Loans range from $500 to $25,000 to help clients with car repairs, home repairs and debt consolidation.  Need to rebuild your credit?  Easy Financial has a plan for you!

ajax window cleaner at easy financial

Anne and her crew are supportive of local businesses and treat everyone with personal care and respect.  Expect to walk in to happy, friendly faces!

Featured Window Cleaning Client: The Vault in Whitby

Window cleaning in Whitby at the Vault

This week’s Featured Window Cleaning Client is The Vault in Whitby!  Located at 102 Brock St. S. in the heart of Downtown Whitby, this gastropub is a rare gem.  We provide bi-weekly window cleaning to this great little restaurant.  The clean windows really make a big difference, both for passersby and clients who have a nice clear view of the Restaurant and Downtown Whitby.

While I love cleaning their windows, the real reason for this blog is:  THE FOOD!

Clean windows whitby the vault

Yes, the view is great with these clean windows, but the star of this show is the food, the service and the ambiance.  The staff are friendly and you can see the pride and expertise the chef puts into everything they serve.

The vault menu whitby window cleaning

The Vault is a great balance between gourmet food and a casual relaxed atmosphere.  I wouldn’t call it a pub, it is more upscale than that, but it is not overly formal either.  It’s the perfect place for me to take my wife for a date, great food, a little more fancy than the average pub, but I don’t need to wear a suit and tie!

Appetizer at the vault in whitby

Shown above are Stephanie’s favorite appetizer, Melted Brie Turkey Balls.  They are handmade by the Chef with a balsamic reduction and a peppercorn and sage aioli.  Absolutely delicious!  And if you are “doing Keto” they are perfect.

The Vault also features a different burger each week, and half priced wings every Sunday and Monday.

The vault baseball steak whitby

Here is the Baseball Steak which comes with The Vault’s famous fries.  But, because everything is made to order by the Chef,  substitutions are no problem.  The steak was perfectly cooked, tender with a nice char on the outside.  This meal was made low-carb by swapping out the fries for a delicious Caesar salad and some greens.

The menu is always changing, depending on the Chef’s preference.  I had the braised short ribs, they were amazing and the portion size was huge!

The vault whitby inside

The Vault is our go-to spot when we have a baby sitter for an evening.  And we are not alone!  The locals pack this place full on evenings and weekends, you should call ahead to book your spot to avoid disappointment.  The Vault is a local hang out where they know you by name.  The owner and staff love to get to know their clients and tailor their food and drinks how you like.

Looking for a bit of privacy?  You won’t find anything like the private rooms at the Vault.  Literally, two bank vaults transformed into private dining areas for a small group or a couple.

Whether you enjoy socializing or want a quiet private dinner, The Vault is the best little Gastropub in Whitby.

The Vault Rooms in Whitby
dining room at the vault whitby
group dining room at the vault whitby

Featured Client: Chuck’s Roadhouse Ajax Window Cleaning

Window cleaning at chucks roadhouse in ajax

Have you ever taken your family out for dinner at a restaurant and been shocked when the bill arrives?  I think we all have.

However, that does not happen at Chuck’s Roadhouse.  This has been our go-to restaurant in Whitby for the last couple of years.  Not only are the drink deals amazing, the meal prices are fantastic and taste great with large portions sizes!  The portions are so big, that we don’t need to order a meal for our 4 year old daughter, we simply share our dinner with her.  But, she LOVES their Shirley Temples, so we pay for that.  Great deal!

It’s going to get even better!  Chuck’s Roadhouse is opening in AJAX!!!

Chuck's Roadhouse Ajax window cleaning

Try as you might, you won’t find better prices anywhere.  For example, Chuck’s offers a char-broiled burger with fries for just $6.  And it’s really, really, good.  You can’t even get that at a chip truck.  While I have only mentioned how fair the prices are, they take a lot of pride in the quality of their product.

Chuck's Roadhouse with nice clean windows

For example, look at how clean these windows at the Ajax location are!  Chuck’s is getting ready for the Grand Opening, and they care about cleanliness and appearance as much as quality and value.

But Ajax needs a patio, here you go!

Patio in Ajax at Chuck's Roadhouse

My personal favorite is the 10 oz. top sirloin AAA beef aged for 28 days, served with corn on the cob and fries for only…. wait for it….. $14.99!!!

And, aside from the Keg, Chuck’s is the only other restaurant that understands my steak order.  I like “Chicago Style” Medium.  That means char on the outside and medium on the inside.

Chuck’s delivers the same amazing product at a quarter of the price at least.

And it is delicious.

Where else can you get a steak and lobster tail dinner for $20????

The food is excellent and so are the prices.

Stop clipping coupons.  Just go to Chuck’s.

Patio Cleaning at Chuck's Roadhouse in Ajax

This week Chuck’s has a roast beef feature.  They offered a meal or a sandwich.  My wife ordered the roast beef meal, and she loved it!

The beef was perfectly cooked with just a little pink, lots of gravy and nice creamy mashed potatoes.

I hope this gets added to the menu permanently!

Ok, let’s list the great deals at Chuck’s Ajax:

1) $4 Pints

2) $5 Stiens 30 oz.  It’s like Octoberfest every Tuesday

3) $9 Pitchers Thursdays

4) $4 Martinis, 2 oz, all day every day.  Wow.

Great taste and value is coming to Ajax!  We can’t wait for your Grand Opening Chuck’s Roadhouse Ajax.

Drink specials at Ajax Chuck's Roadhouse

Storefront Pressure Washing in Port Perry

Port perry pressure washing

This year we started offering Storefront Pressure Washing to our regular window cleaning clients.  One of the stores we cleaned this week was Herrington’s in Port Perry.  This butcher shop takes great pride in their high quality cuts of meat, as well as maintaining cleanliness.  Unfortunately, their storefront was covered in bird poop, cobwebs, dirt and spiders nests.

They are not alone.  At this time of year, the bugs and spiders are settling in, and the winter salt and dirt has accumulated.

Pressure washing in Port Perry

The first step is removal of dust, spider webs and nests.  Typically, stores with a recessed entrance and lighting, will have a lot of insects making themselves at home.  Before pressure washing, we use specially designed brushes to remove all of that.

Bird poop removal in port perry

The problem with cobwebs and nests, is that if you were to try to remove them with water pressure alone, you would likely damage the paint.  Bird poop is the same.  It can’t just be blasted off.  Using paint-safe chemicals and a light brushing, the bird poop washes right off.

pressure washer in port perry

3D or Raised lettering signs are also problematic.  Unlike other storefront surfaces, they are difficult to clean and rain doesn’t help.  Dirt tends to accumulate under the lettering.  However, with the right chemicals, and a nice soft brushing, the storefront signs look brand new again!

Pressure washing in port perry

This storefront pressure washing project was in Historic Port Perry.  We provide window cleaning in Port Perry for a lot of the local business, and we are so happy to be able to offer Pressure Washing as well.

Port Perry takes great pride in the appearance of their homes and shops, and we are proud to be helping!

Featured Client: Jolie Cafe in Ajax Window Cleaning

Jolie Cafe in South Ajax

Today’s featured window cleaning client is situated in South Ajax, and is the ONLY boutique cafe in South Ajax that I know of.  Jolie Cafe is a welcome addition to our neighbourhood, because the owners show such pride in the appearance of their shop that they improve the view and set a higher standard for the surrounding businesses.

Having such nice clean windows sure helps!  We make sure that Jolie Cafe looks great from the inside and the outside every week.

Inside view of Jolie Cafe

Previously, this spot in Downtown Ajax was “Debbie’s Cafe.”  In April/May of 2018 Michelle and Sandra loved it so much that they had to make it their own.  With a vision and passion for baking, they purchased the business and transformed it into Jolie Cafe.  You can see the care and attention to detail, from the brand new flooring, open kitchen and improved menu.

Jolie Menu Ajax

Today for breakfast I had the Ham, Egg and Cheese on a bagel with herb mayo.  Man was it good.  However, while waiting for my hand made, fresh to order, sandwich and tea, a gentleman ahead of me did not have to place his order at all.  Sandra asked him one question:  “Cranberry or Cheddar Chive?”  I had no idea what she was referring to, but he wasted no time replying:  “Cheddar Chive of course.”

Jolie Cafe in Ajax Dining Area

You see, every morning Sandra bakes from scratch a fresh batch of scones!  They are not even on the menu.  I think it is because they do not last long enough, the South Ajax locals eat them up fast.  The cheddar-chive are a staple and a local favorite, but she likes to get creative and usually has another fruit scone batch as well.

Don’t mess with perfection.  I am going for a cheddar-chive scone tomorrow!

Jolie Cafe has certified organic teas and coffees.  I love their tea, and my wife Stephanie thinks that their coffee is the best she has ever had.  Michelle’s daughter loves concocting new iced teas with hibiscus, which Stephanie is a huge fan of.

Jolie Cafe is a great spot to relax, have a sandwich or a panini and catch up with friends.  Maybe grab a board game from the back and play for a while?

Truly a rare gem in South Ajax.  They open at 7:30am so you can grab a proper breakfast before heading to work.  And, they are very busy at lunch time, so get there early, or call ahead to place your order!

Michelle and Sandra also love to bring their cafe to you and your event.  Catering is a great way to share their craft with your guests.

Kawartha Ice Cream in Ajax

I would be remiss if I were to leave out my daughter’s favorite reason for going to Jolie Cafe.  The handmade cupcakes and more importantly……  THE ICE CREAM.

My girl used to go nuts for the ice cream truck that trundles through our little neighbourhood.  Now, all she wants is ice cream from Jolie’s.  See the picture above?  Apparently that is “one scoop.”  They have Kawartha Dairy Ice Cream, which is just simply the best Ice Cream that exists.  She especially likes to eat the Death by Chocolate that my wife orders for herself, and ends up sharing (giving away) with this little one.

Visit Jolie Cafe in person on Harwood just South of the 401, or online at Jolie Cafe

Tiger Striping on Gutters: Ajax Pressure Washing

how to remove black marks from eaves

Yet another post about my obsession (apparently), nice clean eaves/gutters!

This was an issue that I just faced.  I recently did pressure washing and window cleaning on a bungalow in South Ajax.  When I first inspected the home in Ajax for a quote on pressure washing and window cleaning, I saw black streaks on the outside of the eaves.

This is called “Tiger Striping.”  And it does not wash off.  Regardless of how much PSI or GPMs your pressure washer has, you will not remove these black stains.

And, you could scrub and scrub as much as you like, and they will not go anywhere.

You may want to zoom in on the picture above to get a good look at the black lines that are on the outside of the eaves.  This is an extremely common issue.

Let’s start at the beginning:

“What is Tiger Striping?”

gutter zap tiger stripes

What we call Tiger Striping is a black staining on the exterior of eaves or gutters.  Many home owners in Ajax, hire pressure washing companies or window cleaners to wash their eaves and expect the black stains to simply wash away.  But, when the black lines remain, it is disappointing.

getting black streaks off of gutters

Put simply, the reason that Tiger Stripes can’t be simply washed off is because of Oxidization.  This forms a layer on top of the ‘good’ paint that attracts dirt, pollution, tar from the roof and other contaminants.  Because of the oxidization, the contaminants become part of this layer.

ajax window cleaning

Some refer to this process as “electro-static bonding”.  Call it whatever you want, if the oxidization is not removed, the staining can’t be removed, period.  After our standard pressure wash and window clean, if black stains remain on the gutters, we apply a product called “Gutter Zap”

how to use gutter zap

Once Gutter Zap has had some time to work into the Oxidization, we give it a good scrub and a rinse.  No more Tiger Stripes!  Once dry, the eaves or gutters look like they are brand new!

Rule #1:  Use the right tools for the right job.

Rule #2:  Chemicals are your friend.

Rule #3:  Use the right chemicals for the right job.

Don’t be fooled.  As much as we would love to just clean everything with water, there are times when we have to choose a chemical (be it bleach, dish soap, oven cleaner, etc.) in order to get the job done right.  Tiger Striping and Fallout on siding are two examples of using the right chemicals to get the job done.

This bungalow in Ajax now has brand new eaves.  His windows are nice and clean too.

Another happy client!

Featured Client: Comfort Inn Pickering Window Cleaning

pickering window cleaners

The Comfort Inn in Pickering is a recent addition to our family.  Unfortunately, the windows were badly neglected.  My pictures do not do it justice.  They were very dirty, and obviously had not been cleaned in years.

I found this strange, because when I toured the hotel, I found it incredibly clean.  The carpet looks like it is brand new, everything smells fresh and clean, and, the staff are busy working at everything from the rooms and common areas to sweeping the parking lot.

The entrance is spotless, with little details like Lemon Ice Water for your refreshment to local guides and maps of Durham.

I was puzzled.  How could such a well managed hotel like the Pickering Comfort Inn, be so meticulously maintained and yet have neglected windows?

I asked Jim at Real Estate Homeward a similar question, and I think he has the answer.  Here is the conversation we had while I was cleaning the windows at a listing that he was getting ready to put on the market:

Jim:  “Thanks Dan, I have been looking for a window cleaner for 15 years!  I am so glad I finally found your company.  I have wanted someone to clean the windows of my listings before getting ready to sell.”

Dan:  “Glad to help you out Jim.  Can I ask you a question?

Jim:  “Sure!”

Dan:  “I am running into the same situation with many other new clients.  Why wait 15 years without window cleaning, when you could just google search for a window cleaner?  While you discovered us by a referral, wouldn’t a google search be faster?”

His response, enlightened me.

Jim:  “First, I contracted a window cleaner that I met on the street near my house.  I described the house, and he gave me a quote.  The day before he was supposed to clean the windows, he called me and said that he had a ‘tooth ache’ and would not be able to make it.”

Jim:  “Then, I called a big window cleaning company in Toronto, and requested a quote.  They made an appointment, and when the time came, no one showed up.  I called them and they denied that an appointment had been made.”

Jim:  “I made yet another appointment for a quote, and a guy arrived and gave me a price.  I booked the window cleaning and no one showed up.  At this point I gave up, until I heard of you from my colleague.”

This conversation made me realize that people that want window cleaning, are actually having a hard time finding a suitable window cleaning company!

Let’s return to the Comfort Inn in Pickering, and explore some of the challenges that they faced in finding window cleaning in Pickering:

#1 – Comfort Inn does not employ contractors that do not have private insurance and WSIB clearance.

This in itself eliminates many window cleaners.  Let’s be honest, window cleaning is not a licensed industry, and many companies operate without insurance or WSIB.

#2 – Comfort Inn provides great rates for clean rooms.  This means that the Managers need to be budget conscience.  Unfortunately, big window cleaning companies think that they are too small to bother with, and the local window guy doesn’t qualify.

#3 – GTA Based Window Cleaning Companies charge astronomical rates for Durham.  Since they are based in Toronto, they charge premium rates to anyone who wants their windows cleaned in Durham.


Pickering window cleaning

The above picture shows why we can save businesses in Pickering so much money.  Using a telescoping pole allows us to clean 2nd, 3rd and even 4th story windows without a ladder.  Eliminating ladders, saves us a lot of money with WSIB and insurance, and it also reduces the liability exposure of our window cleaning clients.

Pickering window cleaning

You might want to zoom in on this picture if you can.  Unfortunately, my pictures do not show how dirty the windows really are, but in this shot you can see the difference between the uncleaned and washed areas of this window.  Now, all the windows at the Comfort Inn Pickering are shiny and clean!

Pickering Window Cleaning at Comfort Inn

It’s not all about the 2nd story glass!  The ground floor of the Comfort Inn in Pickering is nice and clean as well now.  And, It was around 11am that they fired up the bbq in the courtyard.  It smelled amazing.  The Pickering Nuclear temp staff know how to bbq on a holiday!

Pickering Tree at comfort inn

Here is a picture of a tree that I thought was quite beautiful in the Pickering Comfort Inn courtyard.

Trees are a pain to deal with when trying to clean windows, but this one was pretty.  Still a pain, but pretty,

Pressure Washing in Whitby: White Vinyl Siding Cleaning

Vinyl Siding Whitby Pressure Washing

Today I had the pleasure of cleaning a vinyl siding house/business in Whitby.  The house is a century home, and is the location of Lakeridge Oral Surgery in Whitby.

The photo above is a before (left), and after (right) picture of the main entrance.

At first, this seemed like a fairly straight forward house wash.  Yes, there was green mold on the East side of the house all over the vinyl siding.  No problem.  Black mold and lichen (as usual) in various places on the eaves and vinyl.  Again, no problem.

The main issue began with the front entrance.  Have a look at the pictures below:

Whitby Pressure Washing

All the other three sides of this vinyl siding house cleaned up easily.  The reason is that those sides of the house are exposed to the rain and elements.  For the most part, the only materials that accumulate on the vinyl siding and eaves are organic: Mold, algae, etc…  And this comes off easily with our initial chemical wash and rinse.

However, the South side is different…

Whitby pressure washing

Because the front entrance of the vinyl siding is covered by roofing over the walkway, the siding simply accumulated dirt.

While it may appear as simple as rinsing the dirt off, that is not the case.  Yes, we washed the dirt off off the vinyl, however, that initial clean did not restore the siding to it’s original white state.

Whitby pressure washing

When vinyl siding is left uncleaned for a very long time, the surface dirt will wash away, but the “white vinyl siding” will look brown and stained.

This is similar to glass that has hard water stains.  No matter how much you scrub and wash, the hard water stains remain.

It is the same with covered vinyl siding.  Instead of organic materials accumulating, we have mineral accumulation.

Underneath that surface dirt was brown staining.

Do you have brown vinyl that was white at one time?

Let’s take a look at the next picture:

How to clean vinyl siding pressure washing in whitby

Removing mineral damage from vinyl siding requires a second chemical wash and rinse.

Here is simple algorithm:

If you have green/black stuff on your siding and eaves, you need:

ALKALINE!  Sodium Hypochlorite based solution.

If you have cleaned off the green/black stuff, and still have brown or red staining.  Sorry, but you need:

ACID!  This solution I am keeping a secret.  Sorry!  But as you can see from the pictures of the vinyl siding in Whitby, it is cleaned and looks like new.


If you have ever tried to clean your vinyl siding, and it still looks brown or off white.  You might try bleach, soap, degreaser or any number of cleaners, and you can scrub your heart out.  Unfortunately, it still looks bad.

The right chemicals in the right mix, in the right hands, with the right tools, will make your vinyl siding house look brand new.


Call  Stephanie 647-895-4656 to book or…